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Her architectural beauty, natural lusciousness, and sexual appeal had to be restored and preserved by Historical Savannah Foundation.
Chocolate cake is a warm dome of lusciousness, served with an icy ball of sorbet and dribbles of orange sauce across the plate.
As always, a tough-minded aesthetic kept our minimalist concept intact, while the lusciousness of the infinite loop made even the shoegazers smile.
While his childhood recollection of the mysteries of women are toned down in 1965, he is somewhat bolder in 1993, writing of the women who stayed in Half Moon Street: 'It is my impression that in these Edwardian times women were expected to be bulky, have big shoulders, breasts, thighs, all the old solid, reliable Renaissance idea of lusciousness in large quantities' (p.
When fruit is mature, it broadcasts its lusciousness by releasing organic chemicals (molecules containing carbon atoms as their backbone), which attract hungry animals.
This beauty is lush and decadent with wonderfully rich mocha and blackberry fruit flavors and hints of toffee framed in oak; the soft texture, sweet, ripe fruit, and lusciousness accompany the rich mouthfeel; a velvety finish; matches well with soft cheeses or lamb chops.
has a Ravelian lusciousness of sound, theTwo Organa and Music for a Puppet Court, the first nodding simultaneously to medieval music and American minimalism and the second to baroque music, both have an immediately attractive instrumental glitter.
An unlikely lusciousness animates each of these images.
People will come away stunned at the bravura lusciousness of Sargent, which comes out in him in Italy, because Italy is a country that's all about the beauty of physical sensation,'' says Robertson.
His skin looks tanned, not a colour found in a bottle, and I can't quite tell if he was born with such thick eyelashes of if their lusciousness comes over a chemist's counter.
Finally, for those who prefer a change from the buttery lusciousness of many Oz chardonnays, there's Hardy's Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc 1999 (Sainsbury's, pounds 1.
There's a lusciousness to the Canadians' dancing, but at the end of the day, the dances on this tour were too similar in mood, tone, and even form: at least five of the seven pieces open with a lone figure on the stage.