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To tipple, booze, swill, soak, guzzle, lush, bib, or swig.
The lush vegetation of that sheltered spot make a natural shield.
The way grew hard and rocky as they began to climb, but the divide was an easy one, and they soon dropped down the canyon of the Blue Lakes among lush fields of golden poppies.
Little could the first pioneer who had traversed it have ever imagined that the fairest prairies and the most lush water pastures were valueless compared to this gloomy land of black crag and tangled forest.
Revere was still absorbed in the Company papers, and the Sergeant, who was sternly fond of Bobby, continued, -" 'E generally goes down there when'e's got 'is skinful, beggin' your pardon, sir, an' they do say that the more lush - inebriated 'e is, the more fish 'e catches.
The South of England was alive with them when there was plenty of good lush green-stuff to keep them going.
Lush Lawn advises homeowners to consider raking their lawns to remove some of the thatch build up that are the result of dying or dead grass lying on top of the potential new growth.
Meanwhile, at another British brand, Lush Cosmetics is taking the exact opposite approach for holiday gifting.
BEAUTY chain Lush is set to move into the old Dorothy Perkins store in Church Street.
POPULAR high-street cosmetics brand Lush is heading to a new location in Swansea city centre after more than a decade in its current home.
Settling in for a rewarding soak is always a great idea, and with Lush bath bombs, your senses will be blown up and away to another planet.
On November 2, NICEATM Deputy Director Nicole Kleinstreuer received the Lush Cosmetics' Young Researcher Prize recognizing her efforts to eliminate animal use for chemical safety testing.