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Asked why he didn't just harvest leaves from plants on the ground, Miller, after 65 years experience with poison ivy, said, "The cleanest, lushest poison ivy vines grow high in the trees.
The uniqueness of this cheddar is its true creaminess that comes from the rich milk of Wexford cows, grazing to their hearts' content on the lushest, greenest pastures of South East Ireland, whilst being gentle enough in flavour for everyone to enjoy.
4) Carnivale Title Sequence (HBO) Los Angeles effects shop A52 has produced the year's lushest title extravaganza, a Manichaean historical whirligig that takes the mythic surfaces of tarot cards as its departure point for a stereoscopic, inferno-powered plunge down a digitized rabbit hole, where florid landscapes turn into grainy, haunting archival looks at dust-bowl Okies, a fulminating Mussolini, and a demagogic Stalin.
It hasn't got the lushest of brushes and there's a slight acid smell once you've unscrewed the top but the mascara glides on nicely.
So maybe we shouldn't be too worried about a campaign to save Gareth's sexy smile, or a feature on whether you should or shouldn't pluck your eyebrows, but do our daughters really need "raunchy revelations by the bucketload" and glossy posters of the lushest lads?
When asked after Cal State Northridge's 99-75 loss to Kansas Friday whether he'd like to comment on his four-year journey across a vast desert to the greenest, lushest grove in college basketball, all Heinle could muster was a shrug and a shake of his head.
Even with two separate rainy seasons (winter and the furious summer monsoons) that make the Sonoran Desert's upland areas the world's lushest desert, evaporation outpaces rainfall 10 to 1.
36 BEAUTY The lushest lipsticks as tested by our beauty team
The lushest and most deliciously fragrant is their Orange Muscat and Flora.
com: (ATO) Life in Slow Motion is the "Babylon" songwriter's lushest album yet, but that amazing voice takes center stage in this acoustic set.
Even though he has been with him for ages now, I still find Militello's tone a bit thin as a contrast to Brubeck, who has never been the lushest of pianists.