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Standard finish is lusterless blue or parkerized, hard chrome is optional.
NSN Color 7240-00-089-3827 Lusterless sand 7240-01-365-5317 Green
63); Viola "had very abundant black hair, lusterless.
Hoping to brighten Southland skies, air quality regulators on Friday will consider imposing tough restrictions for the paint industry that could take some of the gloss off Los Angeles and leave the city lusterless.
Her raddled face and lusterless, lifeless mane make doing her hair a laborious undertaking.
His costumes for the 1983 Available Light, now presented in a lusterless reduced version, feature peek-a-boo trousers that split up the rear - revealing, thank heaven, chaste underpants.
Finish P610A5 lusterless green 383 in accordance with MILF-14072.