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This hypothesis is coupled but distinct from the level of functionality of communist bureaucracy, through which it may be assumed that countries with histories of weak bureaucratic competence will not be able to lustrate the already poor-performing bureaucrats inherited from the previous regime.
The failure of both proposals in Parliament emphasized a two-fold dynamics: on the one hand, their dismissal was based on the fact that they did not respond with the problems emerged from the implementation of previous attempts to lustrate and thus offered no solutions to dealing with them; on the other hand, they seemed to ignore aspects such as the aging of the target groups, pointing to a need to understand lustration as a political symbolic act, which its characteristic ambiguity and contestation in the public sphere.
You should lustrate Mihajlo Manevski who does not have a file of being a collaborator but worked for the secret services and took part in political executions.
He said he hoped that the lustration process would help Macedonia lustrate itself from this "gangrene" that does not let normal development of the new system.
Our new brand identity il- lustrates the inherent strength of a networked or- ganisation," said Jesus Blan-co,co-founderandCEOat Linktia.
The superimposition of the images il- lustrates the aesthetic advantages of the elimination of the diastema and the realignment of the incisors.
27) Terpening, 66, notes that the immorality of many Renaissance comedies "il lustrates the life of the times," in that "they are a reflection of a century that delighted in scandal.