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The mandate of the Commission for the Verification of Facts, also known as the lustration commission, will end on 1 September, whereby all the ongoing processes for which the commission has not yet passed decisions, will be stalled.
The boundary between lynch-mob justice and trashcan lustration is very thin.
Members of the Parlaiment should fall under lustration as well: we have same people in the Parliament as during Bakiev's tenure.
The informers are the skeletons in the closet of the opposition and their existence makes the adoption of lustration particularly harmful to the dissidents themselves, which in turn ensures the credibility of the promise of amnesty.
2008, l'annee de la publication d'Intimite communiste est celle ou le Parlement macedonien a adopte la loi sur la Lustration.
It seems that the Lustration Commission has become the ideal place for re-activating the somewhat forgotten political events.
Although no inherent relationship exists between lustration and occupation, the evolution of the latter in the international system points to an emergent relationship.
As the result of the inspections conducted by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk calls on the Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine to immediately implement the law on lustration, and thus dismiss 42% of the SFS s central apparatus as well as 15% of the apparatus of the regional branches.
The primary goal of lustration was cleansing and filtering the society from the remainders of one-sidedness and to result in reconciliation, but it failed to give the one or another.
He played recordings of wiretapped conversations suggesting wrongdoings concerning the lustration process, election irregularities, employments based on political affiliation, etc.
The data which Zaev possesses should serve as material for general lustration because Macedonia is hostage of the late, selective and nontransparent lustration.
to do politics with very clean hands, this state merely needs morals, lustration, a new constitution and we will stand up for this," Elezov has explained.