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He forms a very watchable double act with Rutter's luxuriantly maned and bearded Lear, a ruler adrift in mind and body in a shattered kingdom of his own doing who, rather than being mollified and mollycoddled, is presented with plain truth.
Created from barren land, this luxuriantly green and grand township is a tangible expression of a vision to create better communities.
Straight-arrow Andrews is an ultra-marathoner; luxuriantly bearded de Grey is rarely seen without a pint of stout.
The company says its ICON Au loose tea infuser is highlighted by a structured shaping that allows loose leaf tea leaves to luxuriantly unfold in hot water.
Flamboyant, luxuriantly mustachioed choreographer Ryan Heffington is the toast of the commercial dance industry.
The trees that day still held their red-gold leaves, for the weather had been luxuriantly mild.
Who indeed are the eminences lodged luxuriantly in safe havens in London, Zurich, Brussels and Washington, posing to be the Balochs' voice?
But there were no excesses in Brahms's Sextet in G major, which by comparison (although to compare this lovely work with any other - except by Brahms himself - is quite pointless) was most sensitively drawn, luxuriantly melodious and often welcomingly gentle.
He described the installation as an 'epilogue' to the story, completing the sequence of discovery and death in Titian's two paintings of the myth: Diana is luxuriantly 'coveting her prize'.
In whatever country the principles of the Reformation and true Christianity are most highly appreciated, there civil liberty flourishes most luxuriantly.
The tears which it produces water the soil from which it grows ever more luxuriantly.
There's nothing nicer than having a luxuriantly wrapped chocolate egg on Easter Sunday, followed by a long lunch out.