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As the decadent Sheriff, Allen luxuriates in his exquisite nastiness, walking a tightrope with clever camp on one side should he fall, and over-the-top scenery-chewing on the other.
It is long and luxuriates in the austerity of post-war Britain where values have changed forever and some people, like the Lindens' maid Mrs Cotton, beautifully played by Mary MacDonald, have turned grief into a comic madness.
Rather, Gorchov luxuriates in the medium and his formal and technical sophistication even as he economizes on pictorial incident, at once reflecting the abiding power of Minimalism throughout the decade and the gradual loosening of its hold as the '80s approached.
Person takes it slower, as might befit a 70-year-old, and luxuriates in every twist and turn of the melody.
It luxuriates in a soft leather interior and has unique 17-inch Otrera polished alloy wheels and a range of three turbo engines.
Wolf and Theroux are both part of the cast of Martin's latest, a World War I play by Tony-nominated Irish playwright Frank McGuinness that luxuriates in the lengthy title Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme.
Wordsworth used the train as a metaphor of rape, while in Forster's Howard's End Ma rgaret Schlegel luxuriates in the seductive frisson of the Great Western Express as "a forcing house for the idea of sex.
He luxuriates in the ivory tower of Canadian software design.
Norma, meanwhile, in a nearly backless gleaming gown, luxuriates in the dance and in her certainty that her partner is a man.
What adds insult to the injury of Clinton's timid undertakings is the rhetoric in which they are cloaked The President luxuriates in talk about "fundamental change," but what is most dramatic about his program is how little change it entails.