Lying in wait

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LYING IN WAIT. Being in ambush for the purpose of murdering another.
     2. Lying in wait is evidence of deliberation and intention.
     3. Where murder is divided into degrees, as in Pennsylvania, lying in wait is such evidence of malice, that it makes the killing, when it takes place, murder in the first degree. Vide. Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.

References in classic literature ?
Evidently what had happened was this: The sable antelope had come down to drink at the pool where the lion--no doubt the same which we had heard--was lying in wait.
The brute might have discovered the man upon his trail, and even now be lying in wait for his easy prey.
I think she was a little surprised to find that both outfits were for the same house; and she certainly betrayed an ignoble curiosity about the mother's Christian name, but she was much easier to brow-beat than a fine lady would have been, and I am sure she and her daughter enjoyed themselves hugely in the shops, from one of which I shall never forget Irene emerging proudly with a commissionaire, who conducted her under an umbrella to the cab where I was lying in wait.
If my daughter was right, she might well have been lying in wait for Mr.
He was becoming scientifically afraid of insanity lying in wait for him amongst these lines.