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Because of the lymphatic system's complexity and its presence in virtually all parts of a cat's anatomy, it is subject to several serious disorders.
During fetal development, lymphatic precursors originate first in the fetal liver and later in the bone marrow.
Among the employees assessed, only one microfilaremic was detected, living outside the endemic area, but coming from Jacintinho, one of the endemic neighborhoods for lymphatic filariasis in the city.
Klippel-trenaunay syndrome: The importance of 'geographic stains' in identifying lymphatic disease and risk of complications.
In 1816, an Italian anatomist reported finding lymphatic vessels on the surface of the brain, but for two centuries, it was forgotten.
The discovery of DEC in 1947 was a major breakthrough in the elimination of lymphatic filariasis.
The Glyph technology is designed to harness the biology of the lymphatic system and the endogenous trafficking of compounds through this network to develop novel drugs that bypass first-pass metabolism, improve oral bioavailability, and significantly lower the risk of liver toxicity.
These conditions include congenital defects of the lymphatic system; nonspecific bacterial, parasitic, and tuberculous peritoneal infections; liver cirrhosis; malignant neoplasm; surgical injury; and blunt abdominal trauma.
Progress report 2000-2009 and strategic plan 2010-2020 of the global programme to eliminate lymphatic filariasis: halfway towards eliminating lymphatic filariasis.
USG shows dilatation of lymphatic vessels seen as multiseptated anechoic thin walled fluid collections with posterior acoustic enhancement in peripelvic and perinephric locations.
The lymphatic system is our body's fluid transportation system.
Lymphatic water drainage after Surgical procedure or after a Serious Injury.