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Rose wines get their color from a brief maceration with the red or blue grape skins.
Macerations showed helices stretched to different extents reflecting relative time of maturation (Figure 4).
Macerations from rhizomes and leaf rachises contained tracheary elements with a distinctive scalariform pattern of secondary wall deposition on their tips (Fig.
It's this time-intensive process of using only real citrus fruit, flowers and berries that creates the Belvedere macerations - vodkas with luscious mouth-feel, authentic tastes and gorgeous aromas - ensuring Belvedere Pink Grapefruit follows suit in the maceration family as the most expressive, delicious and exciting flavored vodkas made to-date.
Light microscope studies of macerations revealed distinctive perforation plates in roots of Marsilea (White, 1961; Loyal and Singh, 1978).
Belvedere Black Raspberry is an all-natural flourish of real flavor that completes the trinity of Macerations within the Belvedere family.
We've tried a number of different winemaking techniques in recent years, including barrel fermentations and long, extended macerations, and we've been very happy with the results," said Aiken.
Helena, working with Cabernet Sauvignon from low yield, mountain vineyards and experimenting with extended macerations and hand-crafted wines.