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This suggests that, as an employee's PDO increases, he or she may be less likely to suspect or question a supervisor's real motives and purposes and, thus, may perceive even a Machiavellian supervisor's ethical behaviors to be genuine.
The first section, "Character Behavior for Princes," is focused on networking and other leadership skills necessary for the Machiavellian librarian.
The higher the score, the more they have combined psychopathic, Machiavellian and narcissistic tendencies.
So far, research on the relation between Machiavellian orientation and behavioral outcomes has been substantial.
Serewicz offers an illuminating investigation of how Dean Rusk secretary of state under presidents Kennedy and Johnson; Henry Kissinger who held the same position under Richard Nixon; and Lyndon Johnson created and confronted this Machiavellian Moment.
For Rahe, the modern, Machiavellian form of republicanism is deeply incompatible with dogmatic Christianity, which means that intelligent proponents of the Machiavellian republic must have understood that Christianity would have to be destroyed in order for a successful modern republic to emerge.
In addition, the authors in this collection all argue in various ways that the Lockean and Machiavellian traditions of political theory, traditions that had been regarded as distinct and as issuing in competing narratives of the American founding, are in fact compatible, hence the "liberal republican" legacy of the title.
The concept of the Machiavellian personality developed by Christie and Geis (1970), is based loosely on Niccolo Machiavelli's work The Prince.
ACTOR Ian Richardson, best remembered as the Machiavellian chief whip Francis Urquhart in landmark BBC drama House Of Cards, died yesterday.
We voters may be dumb when it comes to Machiavellian municipal machinations, but that move is so obvious that only a group bowled over with its own wonderfulness would have the hubris to attempt it.
The outpouring stopped in front of the Hotel Mille Collines in Kigali; due to the Machiavellian yet positive machinations of Rusesabagina.
In the meantime, his Machiavellian political instincts and his welcome contrast to "Mr.