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He wants the government to ban the importation of machine-made carpets from Iran -- or at least impose a steep hike in the import duty.
The handmade jewellery looks better than the machine-made, moreover, the purity of the gold is maintained in hand-made jewellery, which is not found in machine-made.
Also machine-made is the transitional Paula Deen s Comfort, design to reflect Deen's casual, comfortable style.
Machine-made objects are considered by many to be better than hand-made ones.
Garcia said the Cuba-Altadis joint venture, which would run under shared management, would also boost Habanos' plans to start production of machine-made mini-cigars for the first time in Cuba.
But in the modern world, the heavens are composed mostly of machine-made stuff.
The machine-made foam generally needed more tin catalyst or a more stabilizing polyol than the bench foams to achieve sufficient stability.
With neither the bombastic, machine-made Robert Ruggieri score nor the flashy, billowy cyclorama (credited to no fewer than three designers) adding much distinction, Hymn could seem merely grandiose.
com/research/h99tlz/china) has announced the addition of the "China Machine-Made Paper & Paperboard Market Report" report to their offering.
We've made amazing strides in the Easy Care category and will continue to offer updated and on-point colors in the machine-made area rug category.
The two new collections--Pure and Revolution--add both machine-made and hand-tufted options to the Warhol roster with a big play on contemporary black and white designs in the machine-made Pure and softer, more colorful options from the tufted Revolution.