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31 Manufacture of Electrical Machiner and Apparatus, n.
All machiner & equipment well maintained and serviced.
The Planta Mecanica in Santa Clara supports diverse industrial needs in the island, manufacturing par ts, machiner y and equipment mainly for the sugar industry, but also for metallurgy and mining as well as the electricity, oil and hydraulic industries.
New to the list this/ear or returning after a year or several years absence are: Construction Machiner Industrial LLC, Goldbelt Inc.
This year pounds 270m has been spent on new buildings and new machiner Nearly 100 of the new planes have already been ordered.
Because most of the critics listed in my note (number 6) to such Great Books were New Critics, all intent on proving their author's superiority as a literary craftsman, it appears that symmetrical (and thus harmonious) ring design could be thought of as part of the institutional machiner y that helps produce or validates the canonicity of great authors.