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It was a defatigable journey and by now the map was becoming maculate which was a provement on what it had been before.
The Maculate Muse: Obscene Language in Attic Comedy, second edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Unknown Horizons, Stu's Shoes, Maculate - Rock, 7:30 p.
There are issues to address and we are working to do that, but there is no doubt that Mary Im maculate has all the makings of a great school.
not only to the "spots" of this maculate queen but to the
1619) is a thoroughly complicated version that includes elements of the maculate and immaculate moon, indicating that he was aware of recent discoveries.
Moving on through the history of subsequent Judaism, we will study the interplay between the maculate written word and corrective oral traditions or exegesis as this relationship proceeded through several stages, consonant always with the intellectual spirit of the age and leading finally to the theological challenge of the present day - Jewish faith confronted by the science of textual criticism.
So that all thought was now transitless "it," blunt would-be husk, maculate mask turned iterative tooth, recidivist gum, feasted on scraps laid aside for some ghost.
maculate (stain; mark with a spot or spots)--immaculate
In the midst of Hamlet texts that harp repeatedly on blackness, on the spotted or maculate, adulterate, stained, soiled, "sallied" or sullied, the "Baptista" of this "guyana" murder scene (the name in all three texts for the wife of the Mousetrap, which famously appears in the form that recalls the Baptist) is part of this network, suggesting the washing of the Ethiope that the King's speech in the Prayer Scene (again, of all three texts) relates to washing white as snow.