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minor are very similar, as are their nymphs, whose subtle differences maybe overshadowed by variation in color or maculation.
The literary evidence of the Bible itself, and of the earliest extrascriptural traditions, demonstrates that the agents of canonization were aware of maculations in their holy text.
I prefer to suggest that the maculations of the text, great and small, are the consequence of a more terrible and protracted period of corruption - ages of idolatry and syncretism in the period of Israelite settlement in the Land and in the period of the First Temple.
The tergal maculations are reduced to small yellow spots in females of A.
36) Pale maculations of terga of female partially or completely red-colored (1); pale maculations absent or if present all yellow-colored (0).
The maculation on both wings are slightly variable within species and cannot serve as a good diagnostic character for identification.
Forewing more elongate, narrower; apex more sharply produced and termen more oblique than that of the latter; ground color orange white; maculation variable.
Close examination of the pronotal maculations combined with habitat and geographical proximity may provide a reliable means of separating nymphs of these three taxa, and have been used in constructing the following tentative key.
Median pronotal maculation diamond-shaped, located in the middle of the pronotum (Fig.