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More important than the contents of this maddeningly uneven book is its publication now--as another liberal effort to prepare an intellectual and political agenda for the post-Reagan years.
The legacy of these reforms--which Dierenfield, maddeningly, fails to discuss--is that Congress today is more decentralized, offering special interests a multitude of avenue to coopt legislation.
Welcome to the maddeningly inconsistent world of the Angels' No.
With respect to Bresson, it seems to me that the things his films deal with are anathema to contemporary filmmaking: the alienation of his characters from any type of quotidian, materialistic modeling of personality; their abject internal revolt against reality; their torturous movements toward grace; their obdurate unlikeableness--everything rendered in plain, often metonymic movements, gestures, glances, with gravid silences between laconic bursts of speech, spells of utter blankness, one thing following another with a maddeningly stingy economy, as if "almost nothing" were, for the filmmaker, a theological imperative.
MADDENINGLY, we're still in the dark about Ian Beale's mystery ghost.
by the maddeningly circular, irresolvable conversation between a man and a woman that played in a loop against the sound of four repeating, minor-key piano notes.
Then take a look back across the Space Age, as afflicted now as it has ever been by budgets, politics and towering stacks of paper, with events seeming either to overtake one another or to stretch maddeningly from delay to delay, and muse once more: When is tomorrow?
While this small sample of art produced (or soon to be produced) in response to the war can hardly be said to provide a definitive account, viewing these works dealing with the site of Iraq--which itself was for over a decade precisely in the US's sights and yet maddeningly out of sight--exposes a constellation of questions revolving around the auratics of locality, in which Goya's "yo lo vi" has become a kind of ethical imperative.
Eric Gagne has been as solid as ever, but the Dodgers have been maddeningly unable to get to him, or at least get to him smoothly, without first blowing a lead and then re-taking it.
He demonstrates convincingly, for those who don't already know, that these programs are woefully underfunded, maddeningly complex in their rules, and administered by bureaucrats who are often uncaring and more often incompetent.
In a nutshell: French slasher film is damaged by a mixture of bad dubbing and subtitles and an unnecessary third-act twist that makes about half of what we've seen prior to it maddeningly nonsensical.
In Bed Peace, 1969, John Lennon seems to do all the talking, yet Yoko remains a riveting, almost maddeningly serene presence, exemplifying the complexity and ambiguity of her role as wife, artist, and activist.