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Vokey adds, "We have already made inroads into Northern Europe and the successful launch of NETMIND in Spain is a big step to opening up the large Spanish market.
During 2001, IBM Global Services made inroads into its strategic IT outsourcing and integrated technology services customer base, and a considerable number of these accounts now leverage IBM Global Services for e-business Hosting Services as well.
The two companies' international growth initiatives are closely aligned, with Inovision having made inroads into new markets such as Australia, Japan, China, South America, Europe, and the Middle East," said Haig Bagerdjian, President and Chief Executive Officer of Syncor's Overseas division.
In addition to bringing the sense of touch to the consumer space, Immersion has recently made inroads into other markets including Automotive, Medical, and 3D Computing.
In just over two years we have made inroads into the USA market, which can now be accelerated to win market share in the international VoIP market.