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Although this chapter, which closely compares the texts of hymns made ready for Ojibwe proselytization with their English originals, is by far the most interesting and enlighteni ng chapter in the book, McNally seems disappointed in not having found much evidence of nineteenth-century Ojibwes articulating subtle messages of resistance when singing Christian hymns.
The pressure is applied by the European Union and Finland is being made ready for membership in the military alliance in secret, Seppanen has said.
Ten of the pizza varieties now can be made ready in the shorter baking period.
The thefts are reportedly carried out while the aircraft is at a gate, being made ready for the next flight, and the police will use surveillance equipment as well as questioning those already arrested in an attempt to put a stop to the thefts.
Goods and services ordered through the Internet will be made ready for pickup at the counters of Lawson stores.
There is great uncertainty about what will happen when equipment and programs that have not been made ready for the year 2000 try to process "00.
The body needs to know when its energy should be stored and made ready for use and when it can relax and use this fuel to rebuild itself.
The invitations have been sent, and the grounds of the vice president's residence, the Naval Observatory, are being made ready for what promises to be a grand fete.
And when he is finished you too will be imprisoned like something central made ready for living.
Nansen, who had crossed Greenland (see 1888), now made ready to explore the Arctic Ocean.
Additional ATHs were being built, and several in Europe were made ready for shipment in the event we needed them.