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He thought he had made the acquaintance of a Syrian woman on the Internet and as the relationship progressed they decided to meet for dinner.
On the other hand, I also made the acquaintance of the staff from the new Doors of Cappadocia Hotel, housed in an impressive building on a bluff overlooking the road out to Uchisar.
He had made the acquaintance of some Russians and had been invited over for a few drinks.
John adds: "Kelly and Stiles made the acquaintance of one-time champion light-heavyweight boxer, Dick Burge, who had run up a number of debts - as had two associates: James Mances and Lawrence Abraham Marks.
Whilst there he made the acquaintance of a refugee family from Prague who introduced him to their son's English teacher, a certain Margaret Forshaw.
During the 2 years, I made frequent visits to the Clinical Chemistry Department at LACGH and made the acquaintance of Dr.
When Mankin made the acquaintance of a California pistachio farmer, Demeny was inspired to create a fresh Lemon-Pistachio Ganache and transform it into rich truffle spheres bathed in bittersweet chocolate.
On his return journey to Geneva via Venice, Bayreuth and Darmstadt, Liotard made the acquaintance of two figures of note and considerable weight in his life.
At New York City's PS 9, she made the acquaintance of Scott, Foresman & Company's Dick and Jane, and their white-bread, all-American nuclear family, woefully unlike her own: "While taking pride in the unusual status of my family, and passionately subscribing to my family's radical point of view, my wish was to be like everyone else in a Dick and Jane sort of way.
I have made the acquaintance of Senator Coleman in international conferences.
In 1982 he headed back to California, to the San Francisco Bay Area, where made the acquaintance of a piano restorer named Bjarne Dahl.
A spokesman for auctioneers Bonhams, who are selling the picture in London, said: "Dodgson first made the acquaintance of Edith Blakemore whilst staying for his annual holiday at Eastbourne in July 1877.