made up

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It is also necessary to highlight that bulk of the made ups is produced be these smaller units but exported by a few.
Pakistan has become on the largest consumers of Us variety Pima cotton for manufacturing fine count value-added yarns to make sophisticated fabrics for use in made ups for high end of the market.
Shri Lahoti mentioned that the Government recently increased the ROSL rate for cotton Made ups from 1.
Manufactures of garments and made ups adds up real value.
The government also notified the post Goods and Services Tax (GST) rates of RoSL (Scheme for Rebate of State Levies) on export of garments and made ups vide Ministry of Textiles notification dated November 24.
The duty drawback rates under this package entail 7% for textile garments, 6% for the textile made ups, 5% for processed fabrics and 4% for yarn and greige fabrics.
The priority sectors were logistic, ICT and allied services, gems and jewellery, horticulture, construction, fisheries, energy, dairy and livestock, engineering, mineral, leather, tourism, textile made ups and apparel, he added.