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She said: "Johnny, Suzanne and Myleene preferred the Maelstrom while the other two boys thought the Apocalypse was better.
The whole plot is a maelstrom of emotions, ideals and loyalties together with more romance and bitterness than you can shake a stick at.
In fact, he often sees himself that way, throwing low-paid "cannon fodder" into the maelstrom of demanding residents, complex documentation, heavy lifting, incessant cleaning up and quiet ostracism by more educated staff.
Alberto Fujimori's victory in Peru's runoff election brought a maelstrom of criticism from the international community.
For more information contact Maelstrom on 01202 556882 or visit www.
In their terminology, business ethics must seek to liberate the "productive self" from the "competitive self," which gets caught in the maelstrom of office misconduct.
Cardenas and thousands of other Latinos are caught in the maelstrom of anti-immigrant sentiment, which has cycled through our history for more than a century.
An act thrusts me into this maelstrom of makings and doings--or better, when I act, I thrust myself into the maelstrom.
The innovative Amino Freedom media gateway , with its powerful transcoding capabilities, together with the Maelstrom software enable the discovery and authentication of any device, and transparently stream optimized content, metadata, and control.
Carla Knight, 42, fell unconscious after she stepped off the Maelstrom ride at Drayton Manor Park in Tamworth, Staffordshire.
Carla Knight, 42, fell unconscious after taking a ride on Maelstrom at Drayton Manor Park in Tamworth, Staffordshire, on Friday morning.
The combination of the Zenverge ZN200 quad HD Content Networking IC and Digital Keystone Maelstrom software brings premium live and recorded TV to any authenticated device in the subscriber domain, while at the same time reducing network storage and bandwidth requirements through DK's innovative CDN Shaping (TM) technology.