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We are making politics accessible to our viewers by placing it firmly in peak time and creating a new weekly magazine programme at 5.
l Blue Peter is the longest running children's magazine programme, broadcasting since 1958.
Magazine programme Live volleyball 10am, Eurosport.
Lisa, from Caernarfon, was entered into the challenge as part of her own personal ``challenge'' as a presenter on S4C's Uned 5 or Unit 5 live magazine programme.
TRAINERS are reminded that Photo Finish Productions, producers of greyhound racing's magazine programme The Dogs, is once again sponsoring a pounds 500- to-the-winner one-off open race at Wimbledon.
Her first job was as a researcher on the S4C magazine programme Heno and since then she has gained much experience within the industry in Wales.
GREYHOUND racing's magazine programme The Dogs breaks new ground this week when the whelping down of the featured Penn Lacey is recorded on camera.
30 tonight, when the second series of the racing magazine programme reaches the end of its run.
The show, which stands for Wedi Chwech (After Six), will replace S4C's flagship magazine programme Heno from January 7.
Ireland's weekly TV greyhound magazine programme, Greyhound View, will make its first appearance on Sky this evening.
Edited highlights of matches that Pyramid cover will be shown on BBC1 Wales's afternoon sports magazine programme Wales on Saturday - arriving on screen just a few minutes after the end of each game.