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One of the main problems of NdFeB permanent magnet synchronous motor is thermal demagnetization, which is caused by the permanent magnet eddy current loss.
What is the total size of land required for setting up a ferrite magnet powder manufacturing plant?
Inspect toys that contain small magnets and look for missing or loose pieces that could indicate that a magnet could have come out.
With the development of this new ferrite magnet and the move to mass production, NEOMAX enhances its product lineup and reinforces its position as the world's strongest and largest manufacturer of magnets, including rare-earth magnets, and alnico magnets.
A new family of magnets may be a first step toward organic versions of the familiar metal objects, researchers say.
Operators often power up a magnet too early in the lift cycle, allowing it to get hot.
The magnet programs began drawing attention in 1991, when a federal court ruled the district could eliminate forced busing.
Magnet schools, which were created in 1977 as a way of racially integrating the district, have gained prestige because students at those campuses traditionally score higher on standardized tests than students at nonmagnet campuses.
The first is that the rotor magnets use repulsion and not attraction to reduce the amount of energy needed.
the high motor forces, coupled with the low magnet mass, means accelerations up to 1,500 meters/[second.
The magnetic field is broken and the Clean-Flow magnet deposits the iron particles in a container beneath the hatch.