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Fuel purchase magnetic card for habitat handle requirements from 1 January 2016 31.
As an annex to his offer the tenderer a list of services that are useful to offer via magnetic card such as the motorway tolls, repair or assistance, car wash, limited purchases in shops.
Contract notice: Provision of fuel at the licensee's distribution stations, with flow-through magnetic cards.
With five different ones to choose from, each has two magnetic cards with a play scene on each side, dress up dolls and three sheets of magnetized outfits and fun accessories.
The CP500 maintains the characteristic durability and high security of previous Toppan Printing products as well as the ability to handle items ranging from magnetic cards to contactless cards and contact IC cards, but with improved printing speed.
When equipped with a read/write module for chip or magnetic cards, the information on a card can also be changed electronically during the same process.
It features fully audited access control without the costs and problems of issuing, managing, and collecting keys or magnetic cards.
A teachers' group has expressed concerns about the health risks of using the scanners on children, but the school insists they are safe and less costly than using magnetic cards.