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8, the MR effects increased with increasing magnetic flux density and magnetic saturation was reached at about 560 mT.
The proposed model further suggests that in presence of a magnetic field, the equivalent circuit representing the neuronal plasma membrane may be expanded by including a magnetic-field-dependent current source whose magnitude is proportional to the magnetic flux density.
Because the potential A is defined as (3), the values and the distribution of magnetic flux density B can be found in every point of the FEM model by the post-processing of A.
Having calculated the magnetic flux through the contour II, induced electromotive force in the same contour can be calculated as well:
For the representation of the polar diagrams at constant magnetic flux density, an original program was developed to interpolate the experimental results, in order to obtain the same vector of the magnetic flux density for all the measuring directions.
We observe the double integral, which is simply the area of a surface, and the amount of time-varying magnetic flux contained within that surface area.
The electric source flux [not member of] in turn comprises the toroidal magnetic flux [PHI] (like the water of a fountain overflowing on all sides), whose maximum radius is designated MAGINPAR, which is illustrated with Fig.
The generators were of a conventional construction of a typical synchronous generator with radial magnetic flux in the air gap between the inner rotor and the outer stator.
Its laboratory setup uses a gaseous helium-cooled 40-meter bismuth calcium copper oxide HTS cable to produce 4100 amp-turns, a magnetic flux that is comparable to the existing copper-based degaussing cables used in military ships.
The magnetic flux density at the magnet surface equals about 1 T.
Other separators use the solenoid coil to convey the magnetic flux through a steel circuit or a "C" frame circuit.
Many measurements were recorded including multi-cord x-ray spectroscopy that measures the energetic electron temperature profile, arrays of magnetic flux loops and sensors that measure the pressure-driven diamagnetic currents, visible video photography that measures the evolution of the plasma structure, microwave interferometry that measures plasma density, and electrostatic probes inserted to measure the parameters of the edge plasma.