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With such a wide variety of hand magnifiers available containing spherical, biconvex, aspheric or aplanatic lenses, it is important that practitioners consider the benefits of each with their visually impaired users or hobbyists in mind.
First "2HD" Touch Video Magnifier for People with Low Vision
Limited, a global and professional low vision equipment supplier, designs, manufactures, and sells the highest quality and most cost-effective video magnifiers.
Joshua said: "Many people, both at home and abroad, can't afford digital magnifiers and I feel this could be the solution.
HumanWare has designed Prodigi to be a more affordable and intuitive visual aid than the traditional CCTV-based electronic magnifier.
Large diameter illuminated magnifiers ranging from 2x to video types.
For viewing text, photographs or maps, desktop video magnifiers are extremely versatile.
Electronic magnifiers are reading machines that mean that they can.
In the past, the choices of illuminated magnifiers used to be simply halogen, LED, or incandescent.
Aimpoint's Magnifier converts the company's standard red-dot sights into 3X telescopic sights, allowing users to engage targets at greater distances.
Army's RDECOM Acquisition Center for M68 Magnifiers, which will be used on Aimpoint's M68CCO red-dot sights.
At age 55, he functions mostly with his left eye, requires magnifiers to read and has difficulty making out detail at distances and adjusting to the dark.