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10 - Assam and Tibet, August 15, 1950, magnitude 8.
But Beroza's team considered data gathered during some recent large quakes, including a magnitude 7.
However, we disagree about use of variance explained to assess magnitude.
February 29, 1960: Southwest Atlantic coast in Morocco; magnitude 5.
By combining this capability with Magnitude 3D's ease of use, SME's can further lower costs, while increasing the capabilities of their storage network.
The SANbuilder series provides the fundamental benefits of a storage area network (SAN) and the unique capabilities of XIOtech's MAGNITUDE hardware platform, married in meaningful ways to applications.
He and his colleagues have discovered a quick way to estimate a quake's magnitude if there happens to be a seismometer near its epicenter.
The magnitude of these sorption processes was determined by measuring the heats of adsorption and interaction of the odorants on clay and organo-clay substrates.
So under the magnitude scale, the stars with the smallest magnitude are the brightest while stars with the largest magnitude are the faintest.
A few stars on our all-sky map are slightly brighter than Saturn is at the start of May: Arcturus and Vega at magnitude 0.