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Not surprisingly is the North East known as Britain's animal cruelty capital, when mindless scum can kick or beat a dog or cat to death or use an air rifle to maim them, resulting in suffering, not only for the animal, but also for the owner who may possibly be elderly, infirm and on a low income.
The US Congress must resolve to conduct oversight hearings at once so that the FDA is held accountable for this raw, inhumane decision that will destroy babies and maim women.
You do not talk to the opposition, you maim them," I was taught by Brother Ignatius.
I'd seriously maim them for a few years - at least one leg each would have to come off - then I'd get rid of them.
Is fighting the war on terror nothing but an exercise in public-relations puffery or is it about detecting and dismantling deadly terrorist plots to kill and maim people within the country's borders?
All too often, the animals maim or kill their owners or neighbors.
Worldwide, landmines kill 10,000 people every year and maim more than three times as many.
Conor says he has no idea if any paramilitary group is responsible for the attack but believes the gunman intended to maim him.
The two fuses would have caused the material to burn and the pipe to fracture with sufficient ferocity to injure or maim any person nearby.
cities to ban bullets that severely maim their targets.