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An innocent person was killed and a policeman doing his duty maimed and disfigured.
Margaret and her daughter, Nora, 25, were wounded - Nora possibly maimed for life, Yerjanik Amerkhanian said.
Turner was horrifically burned, injured and maimed when she fell into an illegal open, unguarded gas fire pit at Shanghai Red's on Fiji Way in Marina del Rey, CA.
THOUSANDS of wild animals and pets are being deliberately maimed or killed by trigger happy airgun users, the RSPCA has warned.
9 billion award against General Motors, and has gone toe-to-toe against heavy hitters for over two decades in matters in which clients have been seriously injured, maimed or who have wrongfully died.
Each year, members of our community are needlessly maimed and killed on our roads,'' Lt.
The garage boss was told his workshop would be burned down and he would be maimed or killed, Teesside Crown Court heard.
The demand follows the Senate testimony by Stephanie Erdman, whose face was severely maimed in a 2013 accident.
Leila Zerrougui, the Special Representative on Children and Armed Conflict said the Secretary-General's annual report on children and armed conflict shows that children were recruited and used, killed and maimed, victims of sexual violence and other grave violations in 23 country situations last year.
ANIMAL welfare chiefs slammed firearms owners taking "pot-shots" at animals after a gull was maimed by an air-rifle pellet in Wallasey.
Inset, RSPCA inspector Emma Brook A PET cat has been maimed after being caught in an illegal gin trap.
But when such wanton savagery takes place, it is understandable that those hired for a night's work fear they will be murdered or maimed.