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Lahore [Pakistan], November 24 ( ANI ): Jamaat-ud-Dawah (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed, whom India acknowledges as the mastermind behind the terror strikes that took place in Mumbai in November 2008, claiming the lives of 166 people and maiming over 300 others, has been released from house arrest in Lahore.
The violations covered in the report include recruitment or use of children; killing or maiming children; committing rape and other forms of sexual violence against children; engaging in attacks on schools and/or hospitals; and abducting children in situations of armed conflict.
The Special Representative's office is receiving disturbing reports of recruitment and other grave violations against children, including "killing and maiming and also attacks on schools and hospitals" that require immediate action.
The legislation puts into effect the conditions agreed to by the United Kingdom when it signed an international convention outlawing the use of the weapons, which have been responsible for killing and maiming thousands of civilians in conflict zones.
For goodness sake, if not him but certainly his kith and kin are killing and maiming our troops sent to Afghanistan by some of the panel in their capacity of being the ruling elite.
10TH FEBRUARY, 1996: LONDON DOCKLANDS THE first IRA ceasefire came to an abrupt end when a 1,000lb bomb exploded at Canary Wharf in London, killing two men and maiming 39 people.
Did he get a kick out of maiming perfectly healthy women?
As with most guns, air weapons are capable of maiming, blinding and even killing people.
His war has cost the lives of more than 3,000 American soldiers, wounded more than 23,000, permanently maiming many of them, and killed 26,000 Iraqis in just the last twelve months.
The worst of it is that many bomblets remain unexploded until the civilian population returns to the area only to be confronted by innumerable small explosions, maiming or killing individuals, often children.