main feature

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References in classic literature ?
A list was appended, which consisted chiefly of books relating to the Holy Land, since the Holy Land was part of the excursion and seemed to be its main feature.
The main feature of his scheme was to establish a line of trading posts along the Missouri and the Columbia, to the mouth of the latter, where was to be founded the chief trading house or mart.
In the description of the principal outrages, reference has been had to the best authorities of that time, such as they are; the account given in this Tale, of all the main features of the Riots, is substantially correct.
Ordinarily, a gilded angel strikes the hour on a big bell with a hammer; as the striking ceases, a life-sized figure of Time raises its hour-glass and turns it; two golden rams advance and butt each other; a gilded cock lifts its wings; but the main features are two great angels, who stand on each side of the dial with long horns at their lips; it was said that they blew melodious blasts on these horns every hour--but they did not do it for us.
Facebook Home's main feature is a constantly changed display of photos and updates from Facebook friends that consumes phone's battery life and mobile data allowance.
Can you tell me where I can get, for example, New York skyline wallpaper, preferably a main feature for the whole of a wall?
The property's main feature, an extraordinary white building surrounded by a man-made moat, is visible off Interstate 287 at exit 10 and in close proximity to I-95 and the Hutchinson River Parkway.
The main feature of the park is a water park with a Western mining-town theme.
Although agro-export was the main feature of Argentine economy during the 1860s and 1870s, the estancieros, as a rather homogeneous and cohesive group, began to play a more active role in Argentine society after 1880.
The main feature of the book is most obviously the multitude of pictures.
We summarize these activities to date with our main feature in this issue.
There was even some Canadian content among the American films screening in the main feature competition, which is open only to U.