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He said: "The main focus of our fundraising is to reduce new cases of diabetes in the community and reduce complications through patient education and excellent care.
The main focus of the South Sudan CHF is to strengthen the humanitarian response in South Sudan by addressing the most critical needs in the country.
Keith Hill's men sit second in League Two and Rose said: "Our main focus is the league.
MARYLAND (CyHAN)- The main focus for the crew onboard the International Space Station this fall is on the station's top priority: groundbreaking scientific research that can't be done anywhere else -- science that helps the people of Earth today and advances the technology needed to support space exploration beyond Earth tomorrow.
My main focus now is going away with my family on holiday and just relaxing.
Summary: The development of partnership and investments in paper industry in Algeria was at the main focus of a Euro-Mediterranean meeting, which brought together Algerian, Italian, French and Moroccan heads of enterprises.
In an exclusive talk with the reporter here at the Parliament House, Bijarani said the main focus of the ministry this year would be laid on education for all, girls education and madressah reforms.
Chapters cover Pyle's childhood, personality, friends, and retirement, but the main focus is on his career as a reporter at the front.
The center's main focus is to develop a system to coordinate passenger and freight travel.
A large cast interweaves their complicated tangle of conflicting desires, though the main focus is upon Deborah Yvonne Davis, the girl and later grown woman caught amid a shocking world filled with lies and betrayal, but also hope and love.
The main focus of Bradley's artwork is contemporary human emotion in our modern times.
The book's main focus is number theory, so readers will benefit from having studied calculus before embarking.