main idea

References in classic literature ?
The next step of intellectual decline was to bring to bear on the main idea of the conscious identity of the kite all sorts of subjects which had imaginative force or tendency of their own.
It is likely that his main idea was to burgle the house; but Mr.
He had hardly returned from the marquee with the prize in his hand, when it began to be understood that Wiry Ben proposed to amuse the company, before the gentry went to dinner, with an impromptu and gratuitous performance--namely, a hornpipe, the main idea of which was doubtless borrowed; but this was to be developed by the dancer in so peculiar and complex a manner that no one could deny him the praise of originality.
This year we will start working on the project the main idea of which is to use innovative instruments to develop our economy," he noted.
The main idea was to include proposals for a comprehensive renovation of buildings and landscape.
The main idea of the seminar is to motivate the young generation to learn writing skills, as writing is an essential part of academic and professional life.
The main idea of this website is to let people from all over the world upload their favorite recipes and share them with their friends, by using the most popular social networks.
The main idea behind this switch is to preserve energy by using natural light longer.
Tell students to read through the article and underline the main idea and key details.
Spokesman for the High Peace Council (HPC), Mawlavi Shahzada Shahed told Wakht News Agency that the main idea of the conference was to focus on the Afghan and regional challenges and seek ways for restoring peace and security in the country.
It's called Main IDEA, and it's a free one-week summer day camp for children in grades three to five from Main South to get exposure to the arts: writing, painting and drawing, dance, music and performance.
Every reader grasps a unique message or meaning from the fiction texts, which are most likely to be different from the main idea aimed by the author in the original work.