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Carefully seat the slide onto the frame while aligning the mainspring guide rod with the round tab or ear that protrudes up at the back of the receiver and the recoil guide spring with the front of the slide.
Coupled with the checkering on the mainspring housing, the pistol stays put in the hand when shooting, but I would prefer the front-strap to be checkered or stippled.
Mainspring will extend Accruent's suite of purpose-built healthcare solutions into hospital service departments to drive efficiencies in operations.
Similarly, the last 30 percent of the power in the mainspring isn't reliably constant, and accuracy is not guaranteed.
Virtually all revolvers are fired by a hammer, powered by a mainspring, striking a blow that detonates the primer.
The mobile communications consultancy group Nordic Circle has formed an alliance with the US strategy consulting firm Mainspring.
Smith, director of online retail and distribution at Mainspring.
An alternative to weights came into being, however, when the mainspring was invented about 1470.
Hardigan was a strategy consultant at Mainspring and IBM Business Consulting Services (following IBM's acquisition of Mainspring) where he advised Fortune 500 life sciences, financial services, and consumer goods firms, with a particular focus on portfolio strategy and business development.
US-based real estate management provider Accruent has acquired US-based hospital software provider Mainspring Healthcare Solutions, the company said.