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On a single-action revolver, the mainspring has little effect on the trigger pull, so there is always some question as to whether or not exchanging the mainspring for one that produces less tension is worthwhile.
For anyone who has carried a 1911 pistol for any time with a heavily checkered mainspring housing this feature is going to reduce the tearing of the lining of their concealment garment.
NYSE:SFG), announced the launch of enhanced retirement plan solutions, featuring auto-enrollment with the company's Mainspring Managed service as the qualified default investment alternative (QDIA).
All retirement plan products and services provided by The Standard are now sold under the Mainspring name.
Why not design a 2-piece bolt stop pin that unscrews from the top of the receiver so the bolt can be readily withdrawn out the rear without having to remove the complete mainspring assembly?
He, of course, told me to be careful of how I dismantled the mainspring in the future, but then told me he was going to mail me a mainspring seat at no cost.
The frame and grips are altered to round off the bottom along with the mainspring housing.
We are excited to offer our Mainspring Managed service to 403(b) plans," said Scott Hibbs, vice president of The Standard's Asset Management Group.
Once the mainspring housing assembly is removed, the Ruger bolt can be withdrawn out the rear of the receiver, permitting the owner to clean the bore from the chamber end.
The Range Officer's slide is marked Model 1911-A 1, as are many of their 1911s, never mind the fact that the 1911 had the long trigger and flat mainspring housing (as does the Range Officer), whereas the 1911-Al had a short trigger and an arched mainspring housing.
As far as "adjusting it", I have shortened the end of the strain screw where it contacts the mainspring and thus reduced the tension on the mainspring.
The Falcon Commander shares all of the attributes of the 5-inch Falcon such as Nighthawk's new fully machined 1-piece mainspring housing/mag well with the comfortable contoured heel.