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Many special schools will be closed, but others will be merged with mainstream schools.
The experiences of another black businessman, George Johnson, illustrate how the nexus between racial discrimination in mainstream society and the growing involvement of white-owned conglomerates in minority markets affected the stability of black manufacturing in the ethnic beauty aids industry.
Challenging traditional roles and perceptions: Using a transdisciplinary approach in an inclusive mainstream school, Support for Learning, 14 (3), pp104-109.
Some worried parents claimed at the meeting there had been pupils at mainstream schools who were bullied and left out of lessons as teachers coached the rest of the class to ensure better test results and a higher school league table position.
Mainstream titles often feature an illustration or photograph of a solitary woman or a group of women (in some variations, there is a man on the cover as well, such as with If Only You Knew by Alex Hairston, BET Books/Sepia, February 2004).
While the New York Times ran a rare story from the perspective of Latina march participants ("Against Abortion but in Favor of Choice," Andrea Elliot, April 26, 2004), most mainstream media stories focused on abortion and the usual spokespeople for the cause.
Certainly many of this movie's fans (me for one) probably didn't know about the mainstay, if not mainstream, of Hartley's filmic endeavors but loved her performance anyway.
Thus, the blues culture challenges and critiques mainstream culture and its ethics.
31 camps primarily serve campers without disabilities, but mainstream campers with disabilities into their summer residential camp programs.
The nature of the mainstream placement of students with mild disabilities in regular academic classes seems to influence these students' academic success.
Mainstream Energy Corporation and its two subsidiaries, REC Solar and AEE Solar, each among the oldest, largest and most experienced solar energy companies in the country, today announced the appointment of Lee Johnson as chief executive officer and president.
902 was given for the gross mainstream tax paid on the profits when a dividend was sourced, including any ACT (except the half refunded under the treaty) used to offset, or reduce, the gross mainstream tax liability.