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how can you put such a question, -- why I maintain a hundred men?
I maintain, then, these men in order that in public places, in assemblies, no voice may be raised against you, and without them, monsieur, you would be loaded with imprecations, you would be torn to pieces, you would not last a week; no, not a week, do you understand?
That is the way, monsieur," ended the abbe, triumphantly, "in which I spend my revenues; I maintain the honor of the family, monsieur.
We know that mind has the power to maintain substance even though it may not be able to create substance--the latter is still an open question.
But tell me, how does Tario live, and the other etherealists who maintain that food is unnecessary?
He says that inasmuch as we maintain that we alone are real we should, to be consistent, admit that we alone are proper food for Komal.
Values did man only assign to things in order to maintain himself--he created only the significance of things, a human significance
Realists, on the other hand, as a rule, suppress the content, and maintain that a thought consists either of act and object alone, or of object alone.
Accordingly they maintain that in knowledge we are in direct contact with objects, which may be, and usually are, outside our own minds.
Just so, I maintain (he continues), does a given undivided portion of experience, taken in one context of associates, play the part of a knower, of a state of mind, of
The question stands thus: in presence of indications of tuberculous process, what is to be done to maintain nutrition?
So we were saying the problem may be put thus: to maintain nutrition and to give tone to the nerves.