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Here we report that one of these 13 oligonucleotide primer pairs, the RM9 marker, also detects a polymorphism between the isonuclear CMS and maintainer lines.
Mark Boudah, a career maintainer now working on reliability and maintenance simulations from the famed Lockheed Martin Skunk Works in Palmdale, Calif.
Here, you can immediately see that the burden of marketing work has shifted from the customer retention managers in charge of the maintainer segment to the customer reacquisition manager taking care of the lapser segment, and the new customer acquisition manager responsible for turning non-users into new users.
It's one of three major areas that fall under aerospace propulsion, and they work hand-in-hand with flightline engine troops and engine test cell maintainers.
To cover all of the bases, we decided to invest more time in the preflight and enlist the help of additional maintainers to make sure the aircraft was no longer frog infested.
We don't expect maintainers to memorize each breakdown area, but to be familiar with them and train to them.
This ensures that the percentages and numbers of each level maintainer are never included in the same model, thereby maintaining independence.
A space maintainer that will guide the first permanent, molar into its normal position is indicated.
Better information means better communication between maintainers on the front lines and depots, better tracking of replacement components, more awareness of the history of parts and restructuring the work to eliminate waste.
8] oilseed maintainer germplasm lines advanced by pedigree selection from the cross HA 821*2//cmsHA 89*2/Helianthus paradoxus (PAR 1673-1).
Initial data analysis indicates that maintainers were able to reduce the time required to perform maintenance and increase the overall readiness of the squadron.