major event

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Up to 16,500 residents inside the cordon area would receive a parking permit and one visitor permit per major event day.
The N and DCA 100-mile TT is the major event this weekend.
A Major Event for the Defense Acquisition Workforce
Those in the top quintile in percent body fat, averaging 38%, had a major event rate of 5%, compared with a 22% major event rate in patients in the lowest quintile for body fat.
It's also a major event for homeowners, illustrated by the destruction of apartments in Battery Park as an example.
Next April sees a major event in the lighting year, Light + Building, the world's largest international lighting fair, which will be held at the Messe Frankfurt site at Frankfurt am Main from 14 to 18 April 2002.
More than 350 people from Newark's political, business and cultural communities gathered at a major event entitled "Celebration Newark" on Sept.
His major event supremo, Ron Walker, made unambiguously clear what such pursuit of major events means in these times.
Each map is accompanied by a news dispatch highlighting a major event from that part of the world.
Managing security for a major event is one of the most formidable tasks that a police manager can race.
He told a committee in the Senedd: "While we might hope that visitors arrive to consume a major event in Wales and then either stay on longer or return to take a holiday here as a result, the evidence is again very limited.
COVENTRY have been restored to British speedway's major event roster for the 2009 season.