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adjective big, chief, comprehensive, considerable, crucial, decisive, distinguished, enormous, essential, extensive, extraordinary, far-reaching, fateful, goodly, grave, great, high-level, important, impressive, intense, key, large, leading, massive, matchless, material, memorable, meritorious, moderately large, momentous, notable, noteworthy, outstanding, ponderous, pressing, prime, principal, remarkable, serious, significant, sizable, sober, solemn, substantial, supreme, top, top-level, tremendous, unparalleled, vital, weighty, worthy of consideration, worthy of remark
See also: cardinal, central, critical, crucial, essential, important, indispensable, key, material, momentous, outstanding

MAJOR, persons. One who has attained his full age, and has acquired all his civil rights; one who is no longer a minor; an adult.

MAJOR. Military language. The lowest of the staff officers; a degree higher than captain.

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Michaela Dion, daughter of Lisa Dion and Richard Dion, will attend Worcester State University, majoring in nursing.
Donald Dobeck, son of Donald and Christine Dobeck, will attend Fitchburg State University, majoring in business/construction management.
Haley Doering, daughter of Diana Doering, will attend Quinsigamond Community College, majoring in criminal justice.
Kelly Dylewicz, daughter of William and Mary Dylewicz, will attend Arizona State University, majoring in business law.
Brian Erkkinen, son of Bill and Julie Erkkinen, will attend Northeastern University, majoring in mechanical engineering.
Juan Estevez, son of Marga Collado, will attend Quinsigamond Community College, majoring in computer science.
Robert Feliz, son of Robert Feliz, will attend Quinsigamond Community College, majoring in nursing.
Tammy Feliz, daughter of Zoraida Gonzalez, will attend UMass Dartmouth, majoring in nursing.
Gabrielle Freel, daughter of Marianne Williams and David Freel, will attend Westfield State University, majoring in criminal justice.
Justino Fregoso, son of Martin and Mayra Fregoso, will attend Quinsigamond Community College, majoring in biology.
Amber Gagne, daughter of Christine Poirier and Steven Poirier, will attend Mount Wachusett Community College, majoring in early childhood education.
Haley Gaughan, daughter of Joe and Cathy Gaughan, will attend Wheelock College, majoring in early childhood education.