make payment

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Furthermore, the ISC system clearly fits into our core mission to allow our customers to make payment and accept payment anytime, anywhere and through any means - safely, securely and reliably.
If you fail to make payments on your credit card accounts, these funds will be used to cover your obligations.
Taxpayers can make payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from home or office.
The question debated was whether Los Angeles should collect revenue on behalf of the Valley and then retain its payments out of that money, or whether it should forward the payments to the Valley city, which would then make payments to Los Angeles at its discretion.
We told them that we expected them to continue to make payments.
Actual events or results may differ materially from those projected in any of such statements due to various factors, including but not limited to failure by end consumers to make payments with credit or debit cards or electronic checks through Official Payments Corporation.
In a twist to traditional mortgage financing, Coast Federal Bank is offering a home loan where borrowers don't make payments for six months.
In Webb, TC Memo 1990-540, the I court ruled that a separation agreement created a liability on the husband's part to make payments which would have been enforceable by the wife's estate had she died after execution of the agreement but before the payments were made.
But if you decide to make payments instead, you get hit with a huge amount of interest, sometimes as high as 24 percent a year.
The Company not only allows subscribers to make payments with a payment card in the traditional way, it also enables subscribers to transfer money directly from an m-wallet connected to their cell phone to other individuals and merchants.