make reparations

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I endure without murmuring, because it is appointed that I shall so make reparation for my sins.
The state has a responsibility and obligation to the civilian, police, and military victims, their relatives, and society as a whole: to make reparations, ensure access to justice and the right to know the truth, as well as to strengthen remembrance policies," Vega Luna said, in presenting the Defensoria's report.
A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "The Government believes that offenders should make reparations to victims and society for the harm they have caused and, as part of this, we are exploring how we might use the Prisoners' Earnings Act 1996 to allow us to make deductions from prisoners earning enhanced wages.
We want Turkey and these banks to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide and make reparations.
First, international law did not require Germany to make reparations payments to victims of the Holocaust.
Jesse Jackson, leader of the Rainbow/Push Coalition, called for insurers to make reparations at the coalition's annual meeting in Chicago in July.
Austria was granted its post-war independence with the condition that it make reparations to Austrian Jews," said Mr.
6% of their retirement taken away, now we have to make reparations to 30,000 people.
government's effort in the 1980s to apologize and make reparations to Japanese-Americans who were forced to live in internment camps during World War II.
The current African ruling classes must make reparations to the African masses by repairing the damage caused by the former African rulers' participation in the slave trade," he writes.
3, 1998, in the Italian Alps during a training flight now means the burden falls on the government to find an appropriate way to make reparations.