make sure

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You have to make sure they understand the importance of what they do.
We want to get the best financial situation for the Foundation, but we also want to make sure to get the best creativity.
Make sure the vendor runs criminal background checks on its employees.
Senior-level managers also should carefully assess with whom they do business to make sure that none are associated with the Al Qaeda network, he says.
Make sure that your life's legacy is to create as much value for the next generation as you did for yourself.
So if there are any veterans out there making a New Year's resolution to quit smoking, Wallace will be more than happy to help make sure you don't break it.
This even goes all the way to having vehicles designed for production, and Stevens says that there are product engineers on-site in the plants who are involved in helping make sure that things are improved:
A growing number of companies are establishing an executive-board-level position for CRM, someone whose job it is to lobby for the customer and make sure customer needs and desires remain paramount across the organization.
He adds that when his company is seeking out scrap handling equipment they look very closely at the warranty and preventive maintenance recommendations to make sure the equipment will run for an extended period of time.
We align in a defensive front with six to seven players and use the four to five secondary players to spread out over the field, three deep and one to two short, to make sure the fair catch is made.
However, making sure your spouse or children have the money to pay the mortgage off (and thus live the life they are accustomed to) and also have enough money for school fees, university, deposit on their first home, purchase their first car etc will make sure that the loss is softened by the fact your family's aspirations and dreams continue