make visible

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Currently, a subsidy is available from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to provide one-third of the costs of installing this new type of intercom that can make visible the electricity usage.
By simply holding up the iPhone, it enables anybody to intuitively recognize the direction of the destination by using an AR tag to make visible the destination location and the path to it.
Leiko Ikemura, an artist born in Japan who has lived for thirty years in Europe--first in Spain and Switzerland and today in Germany--has attempted, through her paintings and sculptures, to make visible the void and the process of becoming.
However, photographs taken at UV and IR wavelengths can capture and reveal information that is otherwise undetectable by the human eye - literally "colors" we can't see but that cameras, sensitive to IR and UV wavelengths, are able to record and make visible.
Such media tacticians and image saboteurs playfully yet aggressively make visible the strategies of seduction and manipulation by which corporations attack the very basis of individual subjectivity.
Amodal Suspension uses encoding to make visible this extralinguistic effectiveness: the force of language.