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AMENDS. A satisfaction, given by a wrong doer to the party injured for a wrong committed. 1 Lilly's Reg. 81.
     2. By statute 24 Geo. II. c. 44, in England, and by similar statutes in some of the United States, justices of the peace, upon being notified of an intended suit against them, may tender amends fore the wrong alleged or done by them in their official character, and if found sufficient, the tender debars the action. See Act of Penn. 21 March, 1772, Sec. 1 and.2; Willes' Rep. 671, 2; 6 Bin. 83; 5 Serg. & R. 517, 299; 3 Id. 295; 4 Bin. 20.

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My Princess would surely have won with a clear run and it will not be long before she makes amends.
In the palm of your hand, you can find the humblest and most personal expression of who you are--the part of you that lifts and carries, mends and makes amends.
So it came to that, an absolute shellacking for which you just might suspect the Bruins would be eager to makes amends.