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Mad Dominic makes merry with Paul King, Guy Booker, Aiden Begley, Simon Smithson; Stilt walker and fire breather Carl Fearon; The Lord Mayor promotes the Stop Smoking Campaign to youngsters; Minara Begum, Muhammed Loskar, Rumana Malik, Mujib Choudhury Shamaila Hussain; Shuznara Begum, Lord Mayor Coun Randall Brew, Rabig Begum; Music was provided by Magical Productions
BERRY NICE: Cover girl Anthea; PERFECT SKIN: Penny knows her bananas - but they were too cold; TOP OF THE PIPS: Nell makes merry with the cherries - they're her boyfriend's favourite; KIWI ARE THE CHAMPIONS: Jo found wearing fruit a doddle - but itchy
For the first time in years, Damien eats, drinks and makes merry while former teammates graft through the holiday programme.