making amends

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Seen after the clean-up are (from left) the Rev Rob Hilton, holding a Making Amends plaque, Liberal Democrat candidate Cahal Burke, Clr Tony Woodhead and Clr Christine Stanfield.
First, corporate making amends risks falling to recognize a broad range of injured stakeholders who, due to the nature of a criminal prosecution, are excluded.
And the Killie boss reckons his men will prove they've learned their lesson by making amends tomorrow night.
Repentance is less about giving up, making amends, doing right, and changing our ways.
Making amends should include reimbursement for expenses as well compensation for long-term disability.
Our study found that making amends gives us permission to let go.
However, when the news breaks in their small town, they are ostracised by the community, and one of their wives becomes obsessed with making amends.
In his last movie, Tony Scott took Welles at his word while making amends (with star Denzel Washington) for that Pelham 123 train wreck.
If you love your club, and I think you do the fans will forgive, because youwould be making amends.
Shearer went some way to making amends with a superb save to keep out John-Joe O'-Toole's long-range strike.
Fernandez, 52, dreamed of some day making amends for the error that had all of Argentina crying for DiVicenzo, but Masters officials ignored him much as they did Dane Thomas Bjorn this year.
But to go from a disgruntled, disinterested Clipper to the NBA's sixth man of the year is not really making strides, it's making amends.