making evident

References in classic literature ?
Do as you think best, general," replied Athos in a natural tone of voice, making evident that soldier or fisherman was the same to him, and that he had no preference.
Active side-sticks significantly improve the level of safety, making evident control inputs of pilots to one another and allowing prompt recovery actions," said Roman Taskaev, Yakovlev Deputy General Director for Flight Tests and chief test pilot for the MC-21 program.
To counter that she has turned her attention to making evident the network of meanings and forms that link pieces of language often met in textbooks as simply items of vocabulary.
The effect was of one of the type that is almost too subtle, but once perceived takes on a surprising and powerful dimension: The slightly propped walls have cracked, making evident their precarious construction, their poorly finished joints and edges.
To read a poem parallels the composition: both partake of that startling moment of emergence into a complete form, yet also a form always in need of completion, always making evident and necessary the presence of the other.