making reference

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The court heard a fourth letter then arrived which spoke in "glowing terms" about Burley and making reference to the breakdown of the relationship between him and Ms Auld.
He received a text yesterday from an Albion mate, making reference to his comments following his debut against Leicester in September when he called himself "a pub player", simply saying: "You've gone
The highlights ranged from the recent workers' comp legislation, to broker transparency--to which he referred twice, making reference to the British system and British Law which have now found there way here across the Atlantic.
Here he helps the reader by making reference to preceding discussion as appropriate.
Von has a guard role out there which is much more difficult than playing that center position,'' Jackson said, making reference to rookie Andrew Bynum.
If politicians have learned anything from the 2004 presidential race, it's that you cannot talk out of both sides of your mouth about marriage," he says, making reference to Democrat John Kerry's purported reputation as a flip-flopper.
Making reference to the impotent protagonist of Stendhal's Armance (1827), Barthes lists various manifestations of this unwelcome, if banal, daily return to suffering: "Modes of waking: sad, wracked (with tenderness), affectless, innocent, panic-stricken (Octave comes to, after fainting: 'All of a sudden his miseries were clear in his mind: one does not die of pain, or he was a dead man at that moment').
Still, Jeyasingh's decision not to do the usual thing is expressed while making reference to the tradition she's revising or rejecting.
With that kind of a thrust, I can see a lot more Temagamis coming," she notes, making reference to the long-running battle between loggers and environmentalists over timber cutting in northeastern Ontario.
It will be enough to use the Dutch skeleton key, making reference to juridical precedent.
Though Dole's advisers had dissuaded him from making reference to The American President - the line "no President has been closer to Hollywood" was dropped - the Republican front-runner could not avoid being characterized on NewsHour with Jim Lehrer as "a grumpy old man" (Hollywood wags would soon be calling him "dead man walking").