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Not in God's Name: Making Sense of Religious Conflict is relevant today due to the violence and terrorism caused by religious divisions.
This last, best hope for finding patterns and making sense of them is known as comparative genomics.
From summarizing and interpreting data, to identifying non-trivial facts, patterns, and relationships in the data, to making predictions from the data, Making Sense of Data addresses the many issues that need to be considered as well as the steps that need to be taken to master data analysis and mining.
Photo: While Talking Heads David Byrne, left, Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth and Jerry Harrison (shown circa 1977) don't often agree, they managed to get 1984's ``Stop Making Sense.
Making Sense of the Data establishes a framework for DMA systems based on visionary districts, states, and vendors.
In conjunction with this certification, the ICSA Labs' Intrusion Detection Systems Consortium and industry luminary Marcus Ranum have released their joint white paper, "False Positives: A User's Guide to Making Sense of IDS Alarms.
Armed with over eighteen years of experience working with children, and her studies in relaxation therapy, Making Sense of Children's Senses is her mission to share her knowledge on relaxation strategies with colleagues in the childcare field.
Critique: Expertly written and impressively presented, "How to Read the Bible Without Losing Your Mind: A Truth-Seeker's Guide to Making Sense of Scripture" is an ideal instructional guide for the non-specialist general reader with an interest in studying the Bible and integrating that study into their lives.
MONARCH, the leading leisure scheduled airline, and Stop Making Sense festival have teamed up to give one lucky winner the chance to win two tickets to this year's hottest dance music destination.
Making Sense of Chemical Stories: a briefing for the lifestyle sector on misconceptions about chemicals
ONE lucky reader and a friend will be whisked off to the Stop Making Sense Festival in The Garden in Petrcane, Croatia, with flights and accommodation at the Villa Lisica hotel (www.